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RND Power Solutions Deluxe Cradle / Desktop Dock Station for Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Compatible with or Without a Case)
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RND Power Solutions Deluxe Cradle / Desktop Dock Station for Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Compatible with or Without a Case)



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Synchronize and charge your Samsung Galaxy Nexus with RND Power Solutions Deluxe desktop dock/cradle. The USB Desktop Dock holds it at a comfortable reading angle. Charge and synchronize data simultaneously when connected to your PC using the USB micro cable (included). RND Power Solutions Deluxe Desktop dock/cradle has a power protection circuit so it does not burn out your batteries. It will fit your phone with a case by removing the sleeve. No case no problem. A sleeve is included that fits your phone perfectly. PLEASE feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you. PLEASE NOTE: It will not place the phone into dock mode. We leave it open so you can use any free app that will place the home screen into landscape mode.


Synchronize and Charge your Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone with the USB cable.

Power Protection Circuit included.

Eliminates the hassle of removing your case. Supports majority of Cases.

RND Power Solutions products are quality electronics accessories offered at a great value.

Ships Fast! 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Product Details:
Product Length: 3.2 inches
Product Width: 3.3 inches
Product Height: 3.8 inches
Product Weight: 0.5 pounds
Package Length: 3.8 inches
Package Width: 3.3 inches
Package Height: 3.2 inches
Package Weight: 0.5 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 56 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 56 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

25 of 25 found the following review helpful:

4Just about perfectJan 26, 2012
By D. Thomas "geekforhire"
Works great, fits the VZW Galaxy Nexus very well. Here is what makes it a real deal: It comes with a 1500mA wall charger and two cables, one for a PC USB connection and one for the wall charger. By using the 'charger' cable the phone will pull max current from the charger and charge faster. With most USB ports on PC's and with the phone using a standard USB data cable the phone will only charge at around 500mA so it wont be as quick. The dock has an insert that can be removed to provide a bit more space between the phone and the dock if you are using a case. It looks like it provides a fair amount of space but I don't use cases so I cant say if it will work well for you. If you have some silly case that is huge obviously it wont fit. Anything.

Here is the only problem: The slot in the back of the charger to charge a spare battery is too small for the battery for the VZW G-Nex. I think the GSM version has a thinner battery and this slot seems to have been designed for that one. As soon as I break out the Dremel this will no longer be an issue for me but keep this in mind if you are not handy.

Bottom line: Since it has a 1500mA wall charger, a USB cable, and a 'power' cable its a steal. Plus...what else are you going to use? Its not like you have many options right now ;-)

Update: Due to the alignment of the charging pins in the spare battery slot being in a different location for the GSM battery simply enlarging the slot for the larger battery will not work well. You would need to butcher the heck out of it to get it so it would work. Not worth the effort IMO.

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

3Good dock but missing vital featureApr 13, 2012
By Jeremy McAllister
After being very disappointed by the fact that Samsung's dock is a whopping $90, it was easy to give this one a chance at a fraction of the price. However, if I had known that it would make connecting my headphones impossible, I would likely have not ordered it. When the phone (I'm using the Verizon version of the Nexus) is in the dock, the head phone port is blocked. I listen to music about 4 to 6 hours a day at work so this will not work. I plan to drill a hole in the bottom of the dock and attempt to epoxy a headphone jack in to the cradle. Hopefully it will work.

If you do not rely on the headphone jack while docked, I would recommend this unit. Otherwise, I would not.

5 of 6 found the following review helpful:

4DOES work for Verizon Galaxy Nexus, for the most part.Jan 25, 2012
By dc "illustrator"
This dock fits my Verizon Galaxy Nexus, even WITH the extended battery.

Nice and snug fit too. It has just enough weight to it and rubber feet so it sits nice and solid and shouldn't be knocked over as easy as the other circular one I was looking at.

Decent build quality, the shiny black front does a good job matching the front of the phone. The only two cons I could come up with are these: 1) The painted-on white logo and little lightning bolt on the front detract from the overall clean look of the unit. Without those, or even if they were instead a dark gray I'd give this 5 stars. 2) The unit comes with two cables, one for charging, one for connecting to a computer. I don't get why this is needed, but it doesn't really affect the use, just means you have to swap out cables if you want to do one or the other.

On a side note thank you RND for making this, I mean WHO knows when Verizon will get their act together on the accessories for this phone...

Update: As another reviewer noted, due to the difference in battery shapes between the GSM and CDMA Galaxy Nexus phones, a Verizon (CDMA) battery will not fit in the extra slot behind the phone. I never intended to use the spare battery charger part of this dock, so for me it's a non-issue. For those who would like to it might be worth waiting to see if RND comes out with a Verizon compatible unit with a spare battery slot.

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

3Meh. Verizon/LTE Galaxy Nexus fits, but no 2nd battery charging.Jan 27, 2012
By Brian Wilson
I picked this up for my Verizon Galaxy Nexus with the official extended battery/replacement cover and while the phone does fit perfectly, I can't say I'm really impressed.

In terms of form factor, it gets the job done and holds the device in an upright position. While docked, I feel comfortable that the phone won't topple over during normal use. The otherwise slick design, however, is somewhat marred by the bright, white RND logo on the front (a soft or dark grey would have been a more elegant choice) and a bright, persistent blue light that has already overstayed it's welcome on my desk.

An important note for us LTE users, and somewhat disingenuous of this listing to have omitted (at the time of my writing), is that the "2nd battery charger" listed in the description only applies to the GSM Galaxy Nexus. Had this been indicated before my purchase, I would have likely passed and kept looking for alternatives. This clearly is an intentional omission as the label on the box it's delivered in clearly indicates it's for the i9250 version (Verizon/LTE version is i515), so someone knew of this limitation before shipping.

As I said, I would have likely passed on this had the listing been honest, but seeing as there are not many docks designed specifically for this device and Samsung has no intention of making its users aware of when, or even if, an official dock will be released, it will have to do for now. While I don't regret the purchase, it's a far cry from what I was expecting.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

1Does NOT work with "majority of cases"May 08, 2013
By Frankly
I ordered this based largely off of the line from the amazon description: "Eliminates the hassle of removing your case. Supports majority of Cases."

I have 4 different mainstream cases for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and NONE of them work. One of them is even a very slim hard case from Incipio that I would have expected to easily work. The others are an Otterbox (which I wouldn't expect to fit due to its thickness), a 2 layer Incipio (medium sized, I had hoped this would fit) and a pretty thin generic/cheap silicone/TPU gel case from China.

None of them work--the U shaped cradle area on this dock is simply too snug even after removing the included "liner". The only case that would possibly work would be a super thin/fragile/flimsy plastic case that is as thin as the removable liner installed on the dock. Honestly I've never even seen a case that thin for any phone, and if I did I wouldn't use it because it would offer zero protection.

The description should at least be changed to "Will *NOT* work with the majority of cases".

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